Campaigning for better migraine care


The Migraine Effect is a campaign to raise awareness on behalf of the many millions affected by migraine in the UK. On this website you can find information about the condition and read the stories of those affected.



Society's Headache: In 2017, Novartis commissioned leading UK think tank the Work Foundation to develop a new report measuring the socioeconomic impact of migraine in the UK today. Working with leading patient organisations and clinical experts to assemble this, the Work Foundation's findings have been staggering. Migraine is now estimated to affect nearly a quarter of the UK population, contribute to millions of lost days at work, and forfeit billions of pounds from the UK economy.[1] 


Useful links


You can read the report in full on the Work Foundation's website. To find out how you can get involved, see our recommendations for policymakers and how you can take action in your local area



New to migraine? You can find an overview  on our website as well as links for further support. 



The Migraine Effect is a campaign initiated, funded and coordinated by Novartis UK. The report, Society's Headache: The socioeconomic impact of migraine,was conducted by a team at the Work Foundation comprising: Dr James Chandler, Helen Sheldon, Lesley Giles, and David Shoesmith. The report was informed by a group of experts working in migraine, spanning leading clinicians and patient charities. Novartis is grateful to all of these individuals and organisations for their input. The expert working group has been supported by a professional secretariat (Portland). This service was funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.




[1] Work Foundation, Society's Headache: The socioeconomic impact of migraine, 2018.