#FOMA – Fear Of Migraine Attack

Many of us have experienced the fear of missing out on something we really want to do, but for people living with migraine, this can have a very different meaning. It can mean having to cancel on friends at the last minute, missing out on time with your family and often worrying about when an attack might come on and ruin your plans – from small events to big ones; the everyday to the career defining.


Introducing #FOMA (Fear Of Migraine Attack), a campaign to challenge perceptions of migraine as just a 'bad headache' and shed light on the true impact of living with this debilitating neurological condition. As part of the campaign, people with migraine have come forward to document how their lives are impacted by it and social media influencers will be reimagining these experiences through their own lens to try and show what living with migraine means in today’s society.


Do you live with migraine or know someone who does? Do you worry about being unable to commit to activities or social events and having to cancel at the last minute? Let’s start a new conversation about migraine to help everyone understand how disruptive this crippling condition can be on people’s lives.


Share your experiences of missing out due to migraine on social media using #FOMA to help others understand what having migraine really means to you.


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